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Great interview with one of my ABSOLUTE FAVES in the fan art community. The level of talent that this young woman possesses is UNREAL!!



The evocative photorealistic portraits of Euclase
My latest divine influence comes from Licia (aka Euclase), a self-taught artist in Pennsylvania. Her recent portrait of Gus Fring captures the quiet, calculating intensity of Breaking Bad’s über-villain in a way that I’ve rarely seen. The piece is indicative of a portfolio filled with undeniably beautiful and evocative realistic portraits of characters from movies and TV shows like Game of Thrones, LOTR, Supernatural, Sleepy Hollow and many more.

Blogger Sal Gabriel describes her work perfectly: “What I love about her art is not just the technical skill, but the way she captures her subjects in almost vulnerable, exposed moments. There’s something about the simplicity of her compositions, using mostly moody backdrops to frame her characters in reflective, candid moments. It’s a side to these characters we don’t get to see much of and it’s haunting.”

Licia was kind enough to answer a few of my questions about her work. I learned that the 33-year-old typographer has been drawing since childhood, that she’s heavily influenced by illustrators of 70s and 80s and that she dedicates about 20 hours each week creating and sharing fan art for pleasure and a bit of rebellion.

Why haven’t you pursued art as a profession?
It never felt right to me. I don’t want drawing to be my job. I’m really lucky that my current situation in life lets me draw for fun.

For me, what sets your portraits apart from others is that they are emotionally evocative. Your portraits aren’t just a realistic rendering of a character, but rather they are communicating something internal to the character. What are your goals when creating a portrait?
My goal is to make the portrait look like the person. I promise I’m not being facetious; making it look like the person is complicated.

What artists do you consider influences?
Michael Whelan, Alan Lee, John Jude Palencar. People like that. A lot of 70s and 80s illustrators influenced me because that’s the stuff I grew up with. Lots of album covers, too, like the covers Hipgnosis and Hugh Syme made. I used to copy album cover art when I was a kid.

Which pieces are you most proud of? Which ones are your favorite?
Any of my Castiel drawings. I’ve utilized that character dozens of times in the process of teaching myself digital painting, so I’m very fond of all those drawings. I also really like Lagertha and Miss V Improves a Wall.

Most of the work you share on Tumblr is digitally made. Do you also work in traditional media, or are you primarily a digital artist?
I used to be a traditional artist until I was given a tablet as a Christmas present. Now, I mostly do digital. I like them both equally. Digital is easier to share online, and traditional is easier to share in person.

What’s your process for creating a digital portrait and what tools do you use when making them?
I usually start with a character in mind, and I gather references (screenshots, publicity photos, etc.). I work up a sketch in Photoshop and play around with composition and different colors until I find a color palette that I like. Once I’ve done that, I do a nice, clean line drawing. And then I start painting, using my line drawing as a guide. I start out bold, laying down as much color as I can, and then I gradually work in details. You can see some of my processes here. Once I finish the actual painting, then I do some final color tweaking in Photoshop. As for tools, I like to keep things very simple. I use a plain round Photoshop brush, not too many layers, and a narrow color palette. I use a Wacom Intuos tablet. Sometimes I use a Bamboo or a Solidmate, but mostly the Intuos. 

What’s the biggest challenge working digitally?
The biggest challenge for me is getting people to realize that they’re looking at something I drew. Many, many times I’ve been in a situation where people have overlooked my art because they didn’t think it was art.

Learning these digital techniques can be tricky and very time-consuming. How much time do spend on art each week?
Probably 20 hours. Maybe more.

How many hours does a typical piece take?
Around 15 hours for any basic portrait. It depends on how much stuff there is to draw. Fur, hair, patterns in clothing, wings. All of those details can add time.

Do you have a ritual or routine when you are creating art? Paint us a mental picture of you creating art.
I usually just sit on my living room sofa or at my kitchen table with a laptop and a tablet and start drawing. I don’t really have a routine or ritual, but I like to watch movies while I’m drawing.

I adore your recent Gus Fring portrait. Why Gus Fring, and what were you trying to achieve in this portrait?
I like the character. Gus is a bad guy, and but he wears these thin, fragile little glasses. They’re so improbable. They’re almost a disguise, like an abomination of Clark Kent. Usually we wear rose-colored glasses to see a nicer world, but these glasses work in the opposite direction, so people see a nicer Gus. It just seemed like a fun idea to try and pull off in a drawing.

What’s your favorite episode of Breaking Bad and why?
Ozymandias" was amazing. I also really liked "ABQ.” “Phoenix" and "ABQ" together were really outrageous. I love it when Breaking Bad really goes for it, even if it’s ridiculous, and “Ozymandias” and “ABQ” were both like that.

What’s the purpose of creating fan art? To sell, or just to share and pay tribute?
I make fan art to share with other fans.

If you don’t sell your work, why not?
I’ve never felt comfortable selling my work. I tried it for a bit, but I didn’t like it, so I stopped.

You sign all your pieces Euclase. What does your pseudonym mean?
Actually, I sign my pieces EAD because those are my initials. But yes, I go by Euclase. Euclase is a mineral.

Is there are particular reason why you chose “Euclase” as a pseudonym? I read that it roughly translates to “easily broken.”
Ha ha. No, I’m not that emo. I picked that name ages ago back on LiveJournal. I wanted a gemstone URL. I got the idea for “euclase” from a Jeeves and Wooster gag about words that start with “eu-“.

Why use a pseudonym? I never really understood why artists do this.
I can’t speak for other artists, but there’s a bit of rebellion in making fan art. And in making fan fiction and other fan works, too. It’s about reclaiming your right to storytelling. You’re taking things back from these huge media empires that control what stories we’re all told. So by using a pseudonym, you’re giving yourself a name in the spirit of that rebellion and the fandom community that comes out of it. People might know my real name, and that’s fine, but fellow fans know they can call me by my pseudonym, and it’s just as meaningful, maybe even more meaningful.

What advice would you give to a young artist trying to get a start?
Get enough sleeeeeeeeeeep.

As an artist, where would you like to be 10-20 years from now?
Hopefully in a comfortable chair.

Follow Euclase at: Art Tumblr / Personal Tumblr / deviantART

– Interview by Shayne Bowman, Heisenberg Chronicles


When Justin Bieber said the most confusing day for Black people is Father’s Day, he seemed to forget his white father wanted nothing to do with him until he became a millionaire.


Jessi Smiles’ tweet is one of the most heart wrenching I’ve seen from #YesAllWomen.

This is a reminder that Curtis Leopre is a RAPIST.

And he got away with it even after confessing, while Jessi was threatened and harassed.

Once again everyone jumped in and assumed the survivor was lying.

And he hasn’t lost an ounce of popularity.

Curtis Lepore is a rapist. Do not follow him on vine.

Report him. Block him. Stop him making any money off of that app.

Bamon Afterlife Week Day Four: The Unexpected Guest

” Ian said that Bonnie will see a side of Damon that she does not know, a special side “














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i dont know whats happening in this post

miasharp275: you know that video about tvd & rape culture? I want to ask you something. I like what that lady said, but what is the difference with us shipping our bonnie w/ damon vs shipping elena with him? for me, it's the fact that elena had a great guy & she never once looked back, even when her and damon confronted all their major flaws. so what would be different w/ us shipping bonnie w/ him. just curious as to what my girl thinks. LOL. you can answer publically if you want others to see your answer.




Disclaimer: To anyone who feels like countering this, I’ll have you know that this is my personal opinion on the matter. I will stand by it. And if you don’t like it, I don’t care

If anything, that video only solidified my belief even more that Bonnie is the best person for Damon on the show. Let’s talk about the two main points of her video- Damon being a problematic character and Delena being a problematic ship. 

1. The main problem that she brings up is about Damon and the fact that he has never acknowledged or apologized for his bad actions. It’s not that he DOES bad things. It’s that he HAS NO REDEMPTION. He raped Caroline. Why hasn’t he ever owned up to it and apologized to her? Why hasn’t he ever took responsibility for ANY of the shit he has done and not just pass it off as if it is no big deal?

Well, that’s the thing. He HAS. To BONNIE. Bonnie is the ONE person who Damon has ever apologized to, asked for forgiveness, asked for a truce, DEFENDED (even when her actions could have caused his death), and thanked. Bonnie is the ONE person who made Damon actually STOP AND THINK about his actions and the CONSEQUENCES that his actions have on other people and her words actually had a POSITIVE effect on him, not because she forced him to have a momentary and fleeting heroic moment, but because what she was saying somehow made sense to him and he chose for himself not to be a fucking horrible person. Bonnie is the ONLY person who HOLDS DAMON ACCOUNTABLE for all the horrible shit he has done. She is the ONLY person who MAKES DAMON ACKNOWLEDGE IT. She is the ONLY person who MAKES SURE THAT DAMON KNOWS THAT SHE HASN’T FORGOTTEN WHAT HE DID AND HE WILL ACTUALLY HAVE TO REDEEM HIMSELF AND WORK IN ORDER TO GET INTO HER GOOD GRACES. Bonnie is the ONLY female character on the show who Damon respects. Point blank. Is that a good thing? No. Damon should actually have respect for every single person. But it will be through Bonnie that he learns that. Again, not because she tells him to and expects him to obey. But simply because his eventual love for her will make him a better person and carry over into loving those who she cares for. And thus, Damon will understand selfless love, which is what he never had with Elena. Which brings me to-

2. The second problem that she brings up is about Delena and the fact that they are a toxic and abusive ship. 

Yes. Yes, they are. That was music to my ears. You know what else was music to my ears? That every reason she gave for why Delena was toxic and abusive and problematic was every single reason for why I ship Bamon. Damon harasses Elena. He forces himself on Elena. He doesn’t respect Elena’s choices. Who is the ONE person on the show whose choices Damon actually DOES have respect for, I repeat, EVEN when those choices directly go against him? Bonnie Bennett. I can’t even list the amount of times that he didn’t like what Bonnie was going to do but he still ends up going through with it because it was what SHE wanted. Not only does he respect her choices, but he will actually follow through with those choices WITH HER, even though it’s not HIS choice. He will help her with HER choices even though he thinks they are bad choices. When she chose to trust Professor Shane even though he KNEW that Professor Shane could not be trusted, he stayed to make sure that Bonnie would be alright. And he never ONCE antagonized her for her stupid decision. He said that Shane brainwashed her when she was out of earshot. Not that she was crazy or a psycho or insane. But that Shane manipulated her. Who? I repeat, WHOOOO does Damon everrr respect enough to not call them out and make them feel horrible for making a bad decision? When she called her mother for help even though he didn’t see the point because her mother abandoned her. He told her mom that he was Team Bonnie. He was on HER side. Bonnie’s mom didn’t want her to go through with her plan because she wasn’t powerful enough, Damon made sure Abby knew that he believed in Bonnie’s choice and ability. When Bonnie told him to leave her alone with Klaus and he just threw his hands up and let her get her last words out. Would he have ever trusted Elena enough to leave her alone with Klaus? Even a dead Klaus? No. Because he doesn’t respect Elena or trust in her ability to take care of herself. And that’s why Delena will always be an imbalanced ship. There is no imbalance with Bamon. Damon respects Bonnie as his equal. I say again, as I said in The Complete Idiot’s Guide (written 3 years ago and it’s still relevant), whether Damon meant to or not, he has UNCONSCIOUSLY accepted Bonnie as his equal. That is the reason why he respects her. That is the reason why her words affect him. That is the reason why he has an inherent instinct to support her through his words or actions. That is the reason why Damon is not a rapist or serial killer or abuser around Bonnie. Because without knowing it, he has accepted her as his equal. And no matter how much he tries, he will never be able to treat her how he treats everyone else. He CAN’T. She is his EQUAL. Are we getting this? Equal. As in- his sexism and misogyny is non-existent where Bonnie is concerned. He trusts Bonnie to take care of herself, to make her own decisions, to be her own knight in shining armor (all the while standing by her side). It will NEVER BE non-existent with Elena. BECAUSE HE DOES NOT ACKNOWLEDGE ELENA AS HIS EQUAL. He will always be a misogynistic abusive asshole to Elena. 

But that’s not the fucking point. The point is that Damon SHOULD treat every single female with respect, not JUST Bonnie. But, like I said already, he’s not going to understand that WITHOUT Bonnie. Nor is the fandom ever going to stop romanticizing abuse until they are faced with the alternative, which is Bamon. And that’s why he needs her. Not so she can get him in line. It’s not Bonnie’s fucking responsibility to get Damon to be a better person. No. Damon just WILL BE. Because being around Bonnie, who he has unconsciously accepted as his equal, will bring out his best self. She will challenge him, day in and day out, to be the person that he is capable of being. Not through her asking him to or guilting him into it. But just because of her belief in him that he can be. And because he will see it in her. He will see all that he is capable of in her. Because she is his EQUAL. A reflection of him and what he could be.

LOL—Because I have 2 cents—and I might be reiterating someone’s words along with my own FYI…Apologies in advance to whomever:

The two people who question and judge Damon are Stefan (before they made him the Delena cheerleader) and Bonnie.

Everybody else acts as though Damon being a class A jackass is just typical, suit him to the ground Damon.

But Stefan was there for the pre-vamp years. He has valid reason to believe in “good” Damon. A Damon who can be a decent human being. Who doesn’t view people as objects or playthings to be used and discarded as he wills it.

Bonnie doesn’t have any such reasons to draw from.

She believes in the basic decency of people. Living or undead, cursed or blessed she believes people can be inherently good, that they are worth the effort and burden of caring about.

For 5 seasons she has done what she has believed to be right. She has not done it for acclaim or respect or even a thank you often times, but because it has been the right thing to do.

As problematic as Damon is, as harshly as he deserves to be judged for his actions, he is cuttingly honest about mocking everyone and everything. He respects fewer people than are on that super secret list of his and Bonnie Bennett is one of those people.

And here’s the thing:

Respecting Bonnie gains him nothing, earning her trust and respect brings him no tangible returns. There is nothing of Damon interest that he can point to and say “This is what I got from the little witch respecting me”.

It has taken 5 seasons of grudging team work and snark {on both their ends} to build a rapport that is both Equal and Equally Respecting.

But Bonnie is not here to  ”save” Damon’s soul or to redeem him. Damon has to do that for himself- if and when he believes he is worth the effort and the self scrutiny it would take him to be something of what he once was {i.e. likable to himself}.

Bonnie Bennett’s existence over the past 5 seasons has not been about keeping Damon Salvatore in check. It has not been about pacifying him or making sure that he has whatever it is he wants so that he doesn’t act out and wreck life and people at will (side eye S5 Stefan).

What I like about things as they stand (JP plz don’t fck this up) is the fact that Damon is stuck wherever with the one person who wants nothing from him!

She does not want his love, or his approval or his redemption. She just wants him to keep his word to her..and what has Damon Salvatore spent 5 seaons of TVD doing as far as Bonnie Bennett is concerned? 

Showing her he can be trusted!

Wherever it is that D&B are now, there are no prizes for Damon to win or be denied. There’s just a girl who does the best she can- who implicitly demands his best. Who shows him her disappointment when he’s being a shit person and then moves on with life as best she can. She does not fixate on him, agonize over him or harp on him to be anything other than what and who he is- his best version in any case.

Where Damon Salvatore is now, he has to be his own moral compass. And if and when they get together, DS will still be his own moral compass. BB does not govern people, she asks them to be honest, to keep their word. (Ref: Jeremy Gilbert with crazylocks Liv). 

She is frustratingly stubborn in her beliefs and whether Damon wants to hear it or not Bonnie will tell him what she thinks, and she will hold no punches and then leave him be to either do something with it or do nothing with it.

That has been the always hallmark of their interactions— equal choice. Damon has a choice and Bonnie has a choice to either participate or disengage. 

Shipping Bamon is not about shipping a girl who can save a dark and brutal vampire or about a vampire being redeemed through the love of a “pure” heart.

It’s about shipping two stubborn people who need each other. Two strong individuals who are stubborn enough, and willful enough, and similar yet different enough that they can help each other save themselves. 

You want to know what the true love story of TVD should be?

1) Damon Salvatore falls in love with the young man who died in 1864 and the vampire that that young man became. He looks in the mirror and sees all the things that that young man turned vampire turned monster turned ticking time bomb has done and he redeems himself for himself

2) Stefan Salvatore learns to be a human vampire and forgives himself all the ways that he is flawed

3) Bonnie Bennett looks in the mirror and sees someone worth valuing for all the ways she is strong and more so for all the ways she is weak, and flawed and vulnerable and fragile. Someone who doesn’t always have to tend to everyone else. Someone who can be a little bit selfish. Someone who can allow herself to be taken care of by those who profess to love her, because they constantly show up for her when it matters most.

4) Caroline Forbes looks in the mirror and sees her best friend. Not a councilor, or a fixer. Just a girl turned vampire. Imperfect and insecure. Shadow and light. Beautiful.

5) Elena Gilbert looks in the mirror and sees just a girl- not a prize, not The Answer, not the opposite of- just a girl, learning who she is. A girl who understands that knowing nothing is the beginning of a journey to knowing the important things. A girl who’s OK with waking up each day and figuring it out as she goes- and sometimes making it up too as she goes along.

6) The Salvatore brothers learn that some lost things- their innocence included, cannot be found in the default setting “not Katherine”.

Maybe they’ll sit as they once did at the edge of a riverbank on a cloudless day and look into the blue and green of brother’s eyes and understand that there is no going back. There is only now. They can begin again.

7) The Bennett women- the witches, the witch turned vampire, the witch turned anchor turned dot dot dot- rediscover the magic that is in the blood {not just spells and books and rituals but who they are as people} and rejoice to know themselves again.

I veered of the path there but essentially my Bamon thing is that Damon Salvatore is his most honest self around Bonnie Bennett; and it is that honest DS that has the potential to stand in front of a mirror and see himself… and if he so chooses {and to whatever degree he so chooses}, change himself. 

BB and DS are equal force and the opposite of force. They are give and take. It is no small truth that people change people. Intentionally or not people shift you as you meet them. 

For 5 seasons now we’ve watched Damon and Bonnie shift each other a 10 second scene at a time. Most of it has not been intentional. Most of it has been survival and gaining respect and gaining trust.

And as things now stand, If you could hitch a train to wherever they now reside {even before the events of “5.22”} and ask Who do trust with the truth… Who do you think the answers have always been? 

I fucking love it when people add their own meta to my posts and completely blow my original out of the water. THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST GLORIOUS THINGS I HAVE EVER READ OMGGG :’) Saving forever.

Bamon? Who are bamon shippers? Why do they ship Bonnie & Damon.


No offence or anything but how can one ship Bamon? It’s so gross.
They have no storylines. He attacked her and she tried to kill him multiple times. Remember when she tried to kill him with fire? Twice. She hesitated helping Stefan finding cure after Damon got werewolf bite. Bonnie only tolerates Damon because of Elena. Elena was the reason Damon helped in bringing her back.

95% of Bamon shippers are anti-damon so I just don’t get why they ship them. But for one reason because it takes Damon out of the equation in their ship.

Just because he will spend some time with bonnie it will not take away his feelings for Elena. I would have been okay with it if they had scenes like caroline and Stefan.

Bonnie loves Jeremy, Damon loves Elena.

But i do believe Bonnie will become a close friend or at least a friend to Damon in season 6 and onwards.

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. —Maya Angelou (1928-2014)
dear cas